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Logo-mask-11-16-19Hitesh and Sapna are a North Carolina based duo passionate about giving dental and medical professionals a voice and platform to tell their story. After Hitesh was laid off from his corporate finance job, he decided to go back to his graphic and web design roots. Sapna is a practicing dentist herself. She is a creative and visionary who loves the challenge of getting an office’s culture and personality online to attract their ideal clientele. Together they specialize in tailoring an online patient experience that is simple, beautiful and authentic to the client’s brand. In this way, the website simply becomes an extension of the practice. In order to provide busy professionals a one stop shop they also specialize in SEO and other web based/traditional marketing services.

Contact-Us-mask-11-16-19Studies show that simple websites lead to more conversions than those with gimmicks and flashy bells and whistles. eCommerce store owners even report increases in sales after simplifying their websites. A visually minimalistic website allows visitors to find and focus on the important information while still being esthetically pleasing and letting the integrity of the content speak. While still keeping the web page interesting through details, elements that lead to conversion (meaning more clients coming through the door) such as your contact information or form page so you can call them to set up an appointment are highlighted. Effectively utilizing blank or white space will allow for a website that is professional and easy to navigate while optimizing features that lead to conversions. A simple website will remain classic and timeless. While trends will come and go, you can be assured that your website won’t become outdated and will be beautiful and relevant for a long time. Keeping your message and delivery simple, allows for a clear and streamlined user experience. The user can focus on how you can serve them, without being distracted or overthinking. Since most clients will look at your website before choosing a provider i use simplicity to focus them on conversion points so that you are the one they schedule an appointment with.

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